May 9th 2014

For day one of watching what I am eating I think I have done good. I tried the DVD dance of the inches… Line dancing I sucked at it I got lost in the part wear she is showing you how to do the moves lol the I started with the warmup I was fumbling all over the place then the workout started and I could not keep up. I think I will try the zumba on Monday.

Right now I need to lose 97 lbs to be healthy and that’s what I want. I would like to run around with my boys, I want to feel sexy and confident , I want to be able to go to the doctor and not be scared of what the test they run say.



This blog is going to be my journey to a better me I am sure I will have many ups and downs along the way. Some things I will be working on will be my weight I have a lot to lose but so much to gain when I get it off, another thing I will be working on is my social anxiety disorder and general anxiety disorder. In some ways I think they are linked together.


A little about me….. I am a housewife I have two wonderful sons aged six and four, I have two fur babies a sixty five pound boxer and a ten pound cat that rules the house, I am married to a wonderful man who just so happens to be a Marine, I am very proud of him and all he does. I have five brothers and sisters I am the youngest. We are a big crazy family with a lot going on.